Introducing Seraphere, a world-class cloud PBX platform for wholesalers.

Seraphere is the first South African white label carrier-agnostic cloud PBX platform of its kind.

Launched at the 2018 Cloud Conference, Seraphere can now effectively replace your traditional PBX without the hassle of setting up cloud services, infrastructure or platforms.

The product is a dynamic and locally developed business telephone platform for businesses of every size that offers a full suite of functional features.  In addition, customers have the freedom to choose their preferred voice and broadband network providers. Finally, setup is simple and rolling out the system is a breeze.

Seraphere was built specifically for PBX Resellers. The platform can be fully rebranded and our customers can then bill for their own minutes allowing them to enjoy the lion’s share of the income.

Key features:

• Wholesale pricing
• Use your own SIP trunk
• No contracts
• Create your own packages
• Easy to use technology
• White label branding
• Self managing platform
• Use your own billing engine

Current Supported and Tested Voice Networks